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Don't Get Lost Free uses your Android device's GPS to show your current location and heading on a map. It displays the distance and bearing to a flagged location. It can drop breadcrumbs to record your travel history.

This free version lets you preview all of the features before purchasing DGL.

DGL is compatible with both phones and tablets.

There are many GPS apps available. Most concentrate on locating a landmark or address on a map then providing turn-by-turn-directions to that spot.

DGL focuses on the situation: "I'm out in the middle of nowhere, have no Internet access, how do I get back to where I started?".

With DGL you can easily save off-line maps – DGL will work even without an active cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

DGL has features to save battery power: Maps can be stored on the device – you can turn off the cellular and Wi-Fi connections. Flagged locations are kept when the app closes or the device is turned off. You have the option to keep the display on or let the device enter sleep mode.

DGL has a location search function. You can place a flag at the found location or scroll the map to an area for easy downloading of off-line map data.

Maybe you're planning a long-weekend trip to a national park located far from any large cities. You hope to spend your days hiking, canoeing, and horseback riding. There is probably no cellular access and definitely no Wi-Fi – no Internet.

Before your trip, use the DGL Off-line Data Wizard to capture map data for the park and surrounding area. Place a flag at your start location, campsite, or lodge. After several hours of horseback riding through fields and valleys you'll be able to find the exact distance and bearing back to where you started.

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