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Deaf Pad helps Deaf and Hearing individuals communicate.

Think of it as a quick and easy pencil and paper notepad. Hearing individuals can speak into the microphone. Their speech is transcribed to text and displayed in the notepad. Deaf individuals can use the keyboard to type their response.

Once text is entered, hand the device to the other individual.

Added in this version, two devices can connect via a local Wi-Fi network to allow real-time, two-way communication.

The text in the notepad is saved then restored next time you run Deaf Pad. This makes it a very handy tool for quickly taking notes and reminders – requiring the fewest button clicks and least device interaction.

With Google Play's new Family Library feature you may be able to share a single purchase of Deaf Pad among multiple devices.

Deaf Pad works on both phones and tablets.

A small help file, with privacy policy, is included with the app.

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